New Booking System Questions & Requirements


In order to get the booking system up and running we will need the following from you and each of the questions answered in full:

- please can we ask how you'd like to take payment on your new website, cash, PayPal etc? if you take PayPal please can we have your business PayPal email address and password. This is to integrate it to our system.


Payment info for you to take money…


Would you prefer people to pay via PayPal or Stripe?.. (here’s the two links)..




The charges I believe, are 2.5% ish, per transaction for Paypal and 1.4% for Stripe.. ...there is no way around this as it's all to do with how Paypal and Stripe make their money as a business, to transfer the monies over..


Once you have added your bank etc details on your account on the back end of stripe or PayPal, let us know your email address and password you've set it up with and we will connect the website up to stripe or PayPal for you


If you want to be able to take just bank transfers manually off your customers, we will need your bank account number, sort code, the name your bank account is created with and the name of the bank (i.e. Barclays, Nat West, etc)..


If you want to take cash only, please just let us know.







do you take deposits, if so how much?


what is the maximum amount of bookings you're able to take per day?


would you prefer we don’t have times on your booking system for customers to choose from, so you are not held to dead set times on the day, or would you like them to choose a time and if its not great for you, you tell them before the day of the booking?, if you want them to chose times…


what is the EARLIEST and LATEST delivery time?


what is the EARLIEST and LATEST collection time?


what do you charge for overnight hire?


from the image what surfaces and locations are you happy to take bookings for? please inform us of any you'd like deleted?





Deliveries to your customers are done by one of two ways... 1 x distance from your postcode where they type in their full postcode and it calculates the distance via Google maps, or 1 x they choose the start of their postcode and they manually type in their own ending to their a drop down list but SO postcodes


Below is an example of by distance, and an image of by postcode area…


0-5 Miles = free delivery

5-10 miles = £10 delivery

10-15 miles = £20 delivery




Ready to go ahead?..


...great, please go to one of the below link options and also send over your above info by email after you've signed up, to 


Website with booking system - click here


Booking system only, no website - click here


Everything package (website, booking system, e-commerce shop & events/tickets selling system) - click here

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